Photography Training

Photography Training in Nottingham

Lifestyle Photography Training

Our lifestyle photography training sessions are designed to support beginners and those wanting to develop their lifestyle photography style. Our beginner session helps develop new skills and to assist in the transition away from the automatic settings on your camera. It is also an opportunity to develop an understanding of capturing lifestyle imagery and investigate the use of natural light. For those already familiar with their camera and wanting to progress their style and technique further, our bespoke training sessions are an opportunity to learn more about light and capturing different subjects such as children, families, babies and pets.

The only equipment you’ll require for a bespoke training session is your camera with memory cards and lenses.

Photography Training in Nottingham
Individual photo editing training is provided by Neil and is suitable for those wishing to advance further with their lifestyle images after they’ve been captured in camera or for wedding photographers wanting to develop their photo editing skills and create a personal photo style for themselves.

Prior to attending we’ll discuss with you what you’d like to develop with your training and establish a programme for your session.

The training sessions take place with us in Bramcote, which is located just off Junction 25 of the M1, between Nottingham and Derby.

Individual lifestyle photography training

2 hours £95
3 hours (with model) £150

Individual photo editing skills training

2 Hours £125
4 hours £195

Contact us for further information and to make your booking.

Photography Training Nottingham

Photography Training Nottingham